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From submission of the President's budget early each year to the last bill passed by Congress, the Center carefully tracks developments in U.S. defense and foreign policy budgeting.


The Center arranges for experts to brief executive level policymakers and members of Congress and their staffs on key national security issues. The Center informs the public, academics, and the media about policy developments, and sends top-level retired military officers and other affiliated experts throughout the United States as part of its Outreach Program to talk to students, veterans groups, local organizations, and state legislators about U.S. and international security.


The Center works with other arms control and international security organizations, human needs groups, retired military officers, and peacekeeping organizations to build consensus and support for sensible national security policies.


The Center uses Facebook, YouTube, blogs, podcasts, and videos to disseminate its message to the next generation of activists and provide them with the information they need to make a difference.

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