Press Release: Iran Bill Passes Senate, House Supports Diplomacy

Amanda Waldron

Today, the United States Senate passed The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 by a vote of 98-1. The bill, led by Sen. Corker (R-Tenn.) and Sen. Cardin (D- Md.), mandates a Congressional review process for any agreement between the P5+ 1 and Iran. Passage of the bill followed a cloture vote to prevent the addition of several poison pill amendments that might have disrupted negotiations between the United States, its international partners, and Iran.

Also today, a letter expressing support for the ongoing diplomatic efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon was sent to President Obama. Organized by Rep. Jan Schakowsky (Ill.-09), Rep. Lloyd Doggett (Texas-35), and Rep. David E. Price (N.C.-04) and signed by 150 Members of Congress, the letter makes clear that diplomacy is the best way to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.

Executive Director Angela Canterbury:

Today, Congress sent a clear signal of support for diplomatic efforts to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran. As is often the case—it is what Congress did not do that carries the day. The Senate avoided poison pills designed to kill diplomacy. Maybe they got the memo that 150 House Democrats sent to President Obama: they support diplomacy. Notably, that is more votes than would be needed to uphold a veto of any bill that might derail diplomacy. So, for today Congress did no harm. Now let’s see about tomorrow.

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