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Apr 4, 2014

Afghan Elections Should Herald Return of American Troops After a Decade of War

“Regardless of the status U.S. force would have in Afghanistan, the United States has done what it can in Afghanistan. After thousands of lives and billions of dollars, it’s time to end a decade of war and bring our troops home,” said Isaacs.

Mar 26, 2014

Nuclear Summit Showed Continued Commitment to Global Security, Questions Remain

“These achievements enhance U.S. and global security by reducing the risk of nuclear terrorism,” added Reif. “Despite this important progress, however, many important countries with large amounts of nuclear material did not sign-up to key gift baskets, there is still no global requirement for how secure nuclear material should be, and it remains to be seen what international institution or forum will be responsible for sustaining continuous attention and progress on nuclear security once the Summit process ends in 2016.”

Mar 21, 2014

Nuclear Summit Shows Commitment but Actions Must Match Rhetoric

“The President’s leadership, both domestically and internationally, has drawn much-needed attention to the importance of nuclear security and spurred countries around the world to take actions that will make America and the globe safer,” added Reif. “Despite impressive progress, significant security gaps remains and more work is needed to address them.”

Mar 13, 2014

Gen. Gard, Lt. Col. Shaffer Joint Statement on FY15 Defense Budget Request

“Far too much waste, inefficiency, and special interest programming plague the defense budget and drive up costs for the taxpayer. Our country faces serious fiscal and budgetary challenges that must be addressed. If spending more for defense than the next 10 country combined, many of them our allies, is not enough to keep America safe, then something is terribly wrong. Clear opportunities exist to take the politics out of national security spending and ensure that strategic decision makers have a clearer voice in defining priorities."

Mar 7, 2014

Eliminate Slush Funds & Wish Lists

“Fundamentally, this slush fund and wish list are an attempt to exceed the Murray-Ryan budget caps and funnel more money into the Pentagon,” noted Executive Director John Isaacs, a 35-year veteran of Capitol Hill politics and budget fights.

Mar 4, 2014

Misplaced Priorities: Nuclear Weapons Funded on the Back of Key Non-Proliferation Programs

“Threat reduction should not be the bill payer for weapons modernization. This request craters non-proliferation programs that keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists,” said John Isaacs, executive director of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation. “We should prioritize such programs that actively enhance national security instead of over budget, unrealistic and behind schedule nuclear weapons programs.”

Mar 4, 2014

Netanyahu Offers Views, Not Solutions

“Israel has valid concerns about Iran’s nuclear program; but the most recent International Atomic Energy Agency report, following the implementation of the first-step P5+1-Iran nuclear deal, shows that Iran is complying with the agreement by eliminating its twenty percent enriched uranium stockpile and allowing broad access to its facilities,” said Lt. General (USA ret.) Robert Gard, chairman of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

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