Policy Director, Laicie Heeley featured on Canada TV‘s News Channel

A Lot of ‘Political Posturing’

Laicie Heeley appeared on Canada TV’s News Channel last Monday to discuss the Iran Negotiations and their fast approaching deadline for an interim agreement/understanding

“We definitely still expect the negotiators to be working hard through the night to get something that they can present tomorrow, and then potentially work out the ultimate details in the coming weeks.”

She reminded listeners not to be discouraged by the fact that the negotiators were not announcing an understanding until the last minute: “Any negotiations, of course, they go down to the wire. We know [this] in our own personal negotiations in buying a house or a car. So this is nothing surprising, they’re going to go down to the wire, we’re going to hear a lot of political posturing.”

And on the question of if the negotiations should fail: “Hopefully they will muddle through, and be able to continue with diplomacy.”

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