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Geoff Wilson is a Policy Analyst at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation. His work focuses on arms control and nuclear threat reduction, including Iran and North Korea, the Pentagon budget, and other related policy areas. Prior to joining the Center in 2019, Geoff worked at the Ploughshares Fund for six years as a Policy Associate, Grants and Donor Communications Manager, and Special Assistant to the President. He has also worked as a Program Analyst and Recruiter at American University’s Office of Marketing Admissions and Outreach, and as an Intern in the office of California Congresswoman Judy Chu. Geoff graduated with honors from American University’s School of Public Affairs with a master’s degree in comparative government. His graduate degree focused on the history of international counterinsurgency campaigns, U.S. national security policy, and the rise of illiberal democracies. Geoff also holds degrees in Political Science and Anthropology from the University of San Diego, CA.