Front and Center: February 10

Our Take

The Trump Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review is Dangerous and Irresponsible, says Executive Director John Tierney. Read his full statement

Dr. Strangelove Or: How We Learned to Start Worrying and Hate the Bomb: The movie, “Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,” turned 54 in January. Read our staff’s thoughts on the movie

Nukes of Hazard Podcast

“Trump’s New Nukes:” The Trump Administration has just released its Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), a document that calls for new nuclear capabilities and shatters a decades-old bipartisan consensus that reduced the role of nuclear weapons in American national security strategy. We dive into the NPR with nuclear experts Dr. Adam Mount, Anthony Wier, and Alexandra Bell. Listen or download now

What’s News

Now  more than ever  is the time for creative diplomacy: Senior Policy Analyst Sara Z. Kutchesfahani wrote an op-ed in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists on different types of creative diplomacy. Read more

The blessing and curse of blood irradiators: Senior Policy Analyst Sara Z. Kutchesfahani wrote an op-ed in The Hill about the dangers of blood irradiators related to nuclear terrorism. Read more

Dirty Bombs and Hospitals: Improving Domestic Security: Program Assistant Erin Connolly wrote a column for the Hudson Institute following a presentation she gave on nuclear security issues in hospitals. Read more

Center in the Press

China reacts to US 2018 Nuclear Posture Review: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke with Voice of America radio about international reaction to the NPR. Listen to the broadcast; Bell’s segment starts near the 11-minute mark

Pentagon unveils new nuclear weapons strategy, ending Obama-era push to reduce U.S. arsenal: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke with the Washington Post about the message the new NPR sends to the world. Read more

US unveils new nuclear weapons strategy: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke with the Financial Times about the NPR, calling it a “dangerous and destabilizing break with 40 years of bipartisan efforts to reduce nuclear war.” Read more

The Other NPR: Nuclear Posture Review: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell discussed the NPR on National Public Radio, saying she hopes lawmakers listen to former Republican Secretary of State George Shultz, who has decried nuclear arsenal expansion. Listen or read the transcript 

A Walk With Alex Bell: Get to know our Senior Policy Director in photos and quotations in this profile in Inkstick. The quotations are available by clicking on each photo. Read more

Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review aims to make nukes more ‘usable’: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke to ThinkProgress about the NPR, expressing her concerns that the sections on non-proliferation and nuclear security seem like an afterthought. Read more

New Thinking on Nuclear Weapons: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell was a guest on the 1A radio show discussing the forthcoming NPR, nuclear first-use policy, missile defense and future U.S. national security policy. Listen to the show or download the podcast

North Korea tensions ease ahead of Winter Olympics: Center board member Dick Klass was quoted in The Hill discussing talks between North and South Korea ahead of the Olympics. Read more

Nuclear issues: Oh Happy Day: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke to Kris Welch of the radio show and podcast Talkies, discussing nuclear first-use policy, the NPR, Pentagon spending, North Korea, the Iran nuclear deal and diplomacy. Listen or download

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