Front and Center: September 16, 2018


Featured Nukes of Hazard Podcast Episode

The Cloud of Nuclear Winter: In 1961, the Soviet Union tested the largest nuclear weapon in history. At about 3,800 times more powerful than the bombs used against Japan, the effects were unimaginable. This episode dives into this and other harrowing stories of nuclear testing. We also interview Dr. Michael Mills, a scientific expert on the catastrophic consequences of a nuclear war — known as nuclear winter. Listen

Our Take

Op-ed: Stop Trying to Make #Swagger Happen: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell writes about the State Department’s new “swagger” campaign — and why swagger is anathema to diplomacy. Read more

Op-ed: Congress Wants a Space-Based Missile Defense System. That’s a Colossally Bad Idea: Executive Director John Tierney and Senior Science Fellow Philip Coyle explain why the Congressional proposal for space-based missile defense is expensive, unnecessary, and unlikely to work. Read more

Nuclear Waste Issues in the United States: Scoville Fellow Luisa Kenausis explains that disposing of nuclear waste is largely an unresolved issue in the United States — and why that matters. Read more

Center in the Press 

Will the Army’s 1,000-Mile Missiles Kill Reagan’s INF Treaty?: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell says it’s a gamble for the U.S. and Russia to try to negotiate arms control deals right now because they are not having the trust-building conversations they need to have. Read more

Experts skeptical of Trump’s claim China is holding up N. Korea progress: Policy Analyst James McKeon explains a source of the stalemate in denuclearization negotiations with North Korea. Read more