Front and Center: October 28


Nukes of Hazard Podcast

Decertifying Without Cause: Citing no substantive evidence, President Trump announced that he would not certify the Iran nuclear agreement, setting up a 60-day window for Congress to potentially re-impose nuclear-related sanctions against Iran. This episode dives into why Congress should do what it does best — nothing — with Tess Bridgeman, a former Deputy Legal Adviser to the National Security Council (NSC). Listen or download

What’s News

New Communications Director Anna Schumann has enrolled in former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry’s massive open online course, The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism, and is writing about it for the Nukes of Hazard blog. Read the first post

Center in the Press

Policy Analyst James McKeon was quoted in Bustle explaining President Jimmy Carter’s relationship with North Korea and why President Donald Trump can learn from him. Read more

Senior Policy Analyst Sara Z. Kutchesfahani penned an op-ed in The Hill, arguing that nuclear security must remain a priority in the forthcoming Trump administration nuclear posture review. Read more

Policy Analyst James McKeon and Research Intern Meyer Thalheimer wrote an op-ed in The Hill, stating that it’s time for U.S. officials to recognize North Korea’s military research and development capabilities and craft policy accordingly. Read more

Szilard Advisory Board member Jane Vaynman penned an op-ed in the Washington Post, demonstrating the ways in which the U.S. going from the “sucker” in a deal to the “cheater” can backfire. Read more

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