‘Nobody’s happy about it’: Missile tests increase tensions with North Korea

Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke with Sinclair Broadcasting about North Korea’s latest tests.

“These tests are concerning and indicate a growing impatience in Pyongyang over the state of negotiations with the United States,” said Alexandra Bell, senior policy director at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

The latest missile tests do not violate a voluntary moratorium leader Kim Jong Un placed on nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missiles last year, and they do not directly defy any agreement between the U.S. and North Korea. According to Bell, this suggests the North Koreans are calibrating their actions to avoid provoking an aggressive response.

“Of course, escalating provocations has been a standard North Korean tactic when involved in various negotiations over the years,” she said. “They would do well to practice caution moving ahead, as there are those around President Trump who would use deteriorating diplomatic conditions as an excuse for abandoning negotiations altogether.”

“There is no need to panic or to engage in megaphone diplomacy. We need to consult and reassure our allies in the region and set a course for serious technical negotiations with the North Koreans,” Bell said. Read more