The Other NPR: Nuclear Posture Review

Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell talked to NPR — National Public Radio — about the NPR — Nuclear Posture Review.

“We, like the Chinese and Russians, are investing in our nuclear weapons stockpile. The United States should not be buying into an idea that the expansion of a nuclear arsenal is somehow in our interests. I think George Shultz was warning lawmakers, warning policymakers. As a Cold warrior who was a part of a massive expansion of nuclear weapons and then eventually walking away from that potential threat, he’s telling people not to do this.

And I’m hoping that lawmakers will listen to him. We’ve already tried low-yield, small nuclear weapons. At one point, we even had a nuclear weapon called the Davy Crockett, which is effectively a nuclear bazooka. We’ve gone down this road before, and we decided against it. There’s no reason to repeat past mistakes.”

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