Op-ed: What You(th) Can Do about Nuclear Weapons

Senior Policy Analyst Dr. Sara Kutchesfahani and Program Assistant Erin Connolly wrote an op-ed and published it in conjunction with the Outrider Foundation. An excerpt is below.

Through leading the March for Our Lives, and involvement in other movements like the Women’s March and myriad climate change groups, young people are making sure their voices are heard. The drivers for this increased activism are all around us. We can directly feel and see the effects of climate change through the increased intensity of hurricanes, hotter summers, and colder winters.

The Women’s March reflects the latest efforts to support equality, opportunity, and security for women. Gun violence is another all too tangible issue for a new generation of voters: a seemingly endless amount of shootings, campus lockdowns, and mandatory “active shooter drills” make the discussion of gun safety policies inescapable.

In the midst of these critical issues, nuclear weapons issues continue to permeate newspaper headlines but generally fail to reach the under-40 crowd. In fact, the silence on nuclear weapons issues among young Americans is deafening. If it continues, the lack of awareness and engagement will have significant policy implications.

There is no denying that nuclear weapons policy is complex and confusing. Some might even call it intimidating. It is not an easy topic for non-experts to engage on. But despite nuclear policy’s inaccessibility—and maybe even because of it—nuclear war remains a significant global threat, if not the most significant global threat.

So, what can you(th) do to get engaged in this issue? Read more