The Hanoi Summit – We Asked Erin Connolly What Happens Next in U.S.-North Korea Relations

Program Assistant Erin Connolly was asked to provide insight into what happens after the Hanoi Summit with The National Interest. She focuses on younger generations.

“With the world’s attention on Hanoi, President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un walked away from the celebratory table that had quite literally already been set. It is never a mistake to walk away from a bad deal, but it’s not clear what the deal even was. We were left with an abrupt ending to the summit and no tangible progress. The unexpected ending exacerbated concerns about how North Korea and the United States plan to move forward with denuclearization. The seeming lack of preparation and pervasive miscommunication between the negotiating parties undermined the potential for a comprehensive agreement. Yet, North Korea has weathered failed nuclear negotiations before and continued to advance their nuclear program. Should this pattern continue, tomorrow’s leaders will be faced with an increasingly capable and potentially threatening North Korea.” Read more