Watch: Interviews of FMWG members on risk reduction and nuclear security


Sang Hyun Lee discusses the internal and external challenges facing the South Korean nuclear energy sector and measures to improve transparency and oversight.


Jor-Shan Choi considers the sustainability of global strategies for managing fissile materials in the context of emerging technologies. 


Alexander Bychkov reflects on Russia’s experiences commercializing fast reactors and the future of fuel reprocessing. 


Ruhee Neog discusses India’s contributions to the Nuclear Security Summits and the prospects for unilateral or regional multilateral risk reductions in South Asia.


Rajeswari Rajagopalan describes the prospects for international multilateral risk reduction after the Nuclear Security Summits and explores how regional platforms can be used to have more global conversations. 


Tatsujiro Suzuku discusses Japan’s policies for spent fuel management and reprocessing in the context of changing energy production and consumption needs. 


Miles Pomper describes how global stocks of fissile materials have changed over time and discusses strategies for recruiting governments to contribute to risk reduction efforts.