Ahead of Trump-Kim summit, GOP senator wants Congress to approve NK ‘military option’

Policy Analyst James McKeon spoke to Circa about the potential consequences of an unsuccessful Trump-Kim summit.

Abandoning diplomacy would be the worst-case outcome of the Singapore Summit, said James McKeon a policy analyst at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

“The biggest concern about a failed summit is that President Trump walks out, or if there is some kind of failure in diplomacy that we’ll be on another track to war,” he explained.

“Giving a blank check to President Trump to be able to use military force on the Korean Peninsula — which is basically what an AUMF would do — would not strengthen his negotiating hand,” said James McKeon. “It would tell the North Koreans that their biggest fears of a U.S. invasion could actually come to fruition. It would undermine the talks.”

For Congress to draft and authorize military action would be “counterproductive to diplomacy” and potentially undermine those security guarantees, McKeon warned. Read more