Analysis: Your annotated guide to the Singapore Summit

Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell and Scoville Fellow Luisa Kenausis break down the transcript from the Singapore Summit in Inkstick and explain President Trump’s nuclear misstatements.

Since President Trump met with North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un earlier this week, the pace and volume of news and analysis has been overwhelming. President Trump’s post-summit press conference received a lot of attention, as it was his first lengthy press conference in a long time. Some of the more shocking quotes made their way to Twitter and it seemed that every time we got a moment to look at the transcript, we noticed a new and troublesome line. So, with the initial analysis of the Singapore Summit behind us, we decided to sit down and read the whole transcript.

Turns out, it’s even crazier than we thought. From doubling down on calling Kim Jong-un “talented” to repeating false claims about President Obama’s time in office, to calling the hundreds of thousands of North Koreans imprisoned in gulags “great winners” of the Summit, this transcript is a veritable dumpster fire of American values. You need to read it to believe it. Read more