Front and Center: April 15, 2018

Our Take

Three Strikes Means Bolton Should be Out: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell and Policy Analyst James McKeon wrote an op-ed in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists detailing concerns with John Bolton’s foreign policy blusters. Read more

Reducing the Risks of Nuclear War through Education: Scoville Fellow Luisa Kenausis writes about her efforts to educate her peers and younger students on nuclear weapons and war. Read more

The Alternate Route: A Q&A with Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr.: Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr., a member of the National Advisory Board, recently published a book on nuclear-weapons-free zones. Learn about them in our two-part Q&A. Part 1 | Part 2

It’s Time to Take a Serious Look at Chemical Weapon Attacks: John Gilbert, a member of the Scientists Working Group on Biological and Chemical Security, writes about the need for increased focus on chemical attacks. Read more


Center in the Press

Russia Calls Accusations That It Was Behind Spy Poisoning a “Fake Story”: Scientists Working Group member Greg Koblentz spoke to Al-Jazeera to discuss what should be considered when determining who is behind a chemical attack or use of nerve agent. Watch the video

Saudi Arabia’s controversial quest for nuclear power, explained: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke with Vox about Saudi Arabia’s nuclear goals. Read more

Why the Russian Chemical Weapon Used to Poison an Ex-Spy Isn’t Banned: John Gilbert, a member of the Scientists Working Group, spoke to Vice about the Novichok family of nerve agents. Read more and watch the video

With the hiring of John Bolton, is Trump assembling a war cabinet?: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke to Mic about John Bolton’s dangerous disrespect for diplomacy. Read more

N. Korea Experts Tear Into Bolton: ‘He’s Never Met a Country He Hasn’t Wanted to Destroy’: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell shared with The Huffington Post her concerns about John Bolton. Read more

World Panorama: Transition on Foreign Policy: Senior Policy Analyst Dr. Sara Z. Kutchesfahani spoke with Latvian Public Media about Mike Pompeo’s slated replacement of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. The program is in Latvian. Watch her interview around the 16-minute mark

Trump Summit Gamble With North Korea’s Kim Tosses Out Orthodoxy: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke to Bloomberg about the obstacles the Trump administration will face in negotiating with North Korea. Read more