Front and Center: August 11, 2018

NEW Nukes of Hazard Podcast Episode
50 Years Later: In 1963, President John F. Kennedy feared that 25 countries could possess nuclear weapons by the 1970’s. Today, nine countries have them. Many experts attribute this to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), an agreement that turns 50 this year. We explore the Treaty and its future with Ambassador Susan Burk and Ambassador Laura Kennedy. Listen

Our Take
Op-ed: Flashback to the Nuclear Security Summits: Why countries still must prioritize action to curb nuclear terrorism: Senior Policy Analyst Dr. Sara Kutchesfahani writes that countries must continue working together to prevent nuclear terrorism. Read more

Op-ed: North Korea’s other weapons of mass destruction: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell and Research Intern Abby Pokraka write that while North Korea’s nuclear issues are the most urgent, its biological and chemical weapons programs are also dangerous — and we have a blueprint for fixing them. Read more

Taking stock of the Trump-Putin summit: Scoville Fellow Luisa Kenausis explains what we know — and what we don’t know — about arms control issues that came up in Helsinki. Read more

Center in the Press 
Trump obliterates his dishonesty record 132 false claims last week; 280 for July: Senior Science Fellow Philip Coyle corrects President Trump’s false claims about missile defense. Read more

Leaked document: Putin lobbied Trump on arms control: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell explains why extending the New START treaty should transcend current political concerns between the U.S. and Russia. Read more 

Nonproliferation expert Tierney Calls Trump Nuclear Push ‘Dangerous and Unnecessary’: Executive Director John Tierney explains the dangers of “small” nuclear weapons and of the new nuclear arms race. Read more

Trump thanks Kim for return of Korean War dead, but doubts remain about disarming: Policy Analyst James McKeon explains that while it is a great symbolic gesture for North Korea to repatriate U.S. soldiers, they still have shown no signs of denuclearization. Read more

“This isn’t like North Korea”: Trump’s saber-rattling could put US on a collision course with Iran: Policy Analyst James McKeon says President Trump’s threats against Iran are backed up by some of his top advisors, like John Bolton, who have advocated for attacking the country. Read more