Front and Center: October 20, 2018



Featured Nukes of Hazard Podcast Episode
Congressman Lieu on Nuclear First Strike: One single person has the sole authority to launch U.S. nuclear weapons: The President of the United States. We spoke with Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) about his bill that would limit presidential nuclear authority. Listen

Our Take
Op-ed: Reports of the Death of Arms Control Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell co-authored a piece denouncing those who say arms control is dead — and urging them to move out of the way of those who still believe in it. Read more

Four Nuclear Must-Reads from Women: Center Senior Policy Analyst Sara Kutchesfahani details four articles and books written by women that run the nuclear weapons policy gamut. Read more

Center in the Press
John Bolton pushing Trump to withdraw from Russian nuclear arms treaty: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke with The Guardianabout the dangers of the National Security Advisor wanting to withdraw from the INF Treaty. Read more 

This is exactly how a nuclear war would kill you: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell says the chances of nuclear war are not zero as long as nuclear weapons exist, in an in-depth story in Vox that breaks down the chances, risks and consequences of nuclear war. Read more

Kim’s Small Steps on Nuclear Program Put Ball in Trump’s Court: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell told Bloomberg that shuttering a missile launch facility or a nuclear facility is different from an overall comprehensive plan to account for, and then verify, roll back and eventually dismantle, an entire nuclear weapons program. Read more

North Korea agrees to dismantle nuclear weapons complex if US also takes steps; Kim says he’ll visit Seoul: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell told Stars and Stripes that North Korea’s move has put the ball in the Trump Administration’s court. Read more