Front and Center: December 2

What’s News

A Nuclear Reckoning: Senators Ponder the President’s Power to Launch Armageddon. Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell wrote an op-ed in War on the Rocks discussing the need for a nuclear reckoning and for leaders and the American public to continue asking difficult questions about nuclear weapons policies. Read more

Center in the Press

How do Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles Work? Senior Science Fellow Phil Coyle explains the science behind ICBMs. Read more

It could have gone nearly 13,000 km: Policy Analyst James McKeon discusses with Canada’s CTV what is known about the Nov. 28 missile test and what this means for diplomatic efforts. View video

North Korea’s Missile Test Puts the Entire U.S. in Range: Senior Science Fellow Phil Coyle explains why the distance achieved in North Korea’s Nov. 28 missile test isn’t the only factor in determining the targets it can hit. Read more

Could the U.S. actually shoot down a North Korean missile? Senior Science Fellow Phil Coyle discusses why he gives the U.S. national missile defense system a failing grade. Read more

How Will Trump Change Nuclear Weapons Policy? Szilard Advisory Board member Jon Wolfsthal penned a column in Arms Control Today questioning how President Trump will change nuclear weapons policies and addressing key questions for the upcoming nuclear posture review. Read more

Our Missile Defenses Go To 11: Szilard Advisory Board member Jon Wolfsthal wrote an op-ed in Foreign Policy explaining deficiencies in U.S. missile defense systems. Read more