John Isaacs Quoted by International Business Times

US Nuclear Weapons: Amid Threats From Russia, China, North Korea, $450B Modernization Program Pushed

By Christopher Harress

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John Isaacs, acting executive director of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation in Washington, D.C., claims that the U.S. military planners are using outdated Cold War thinking when rationalizing their decisions to replace the nuclear deterrent and are wrong that nuclear weapons will influence Russian, Chinese and North Korean behavior.

“Unfortunately, nuclear weapons experts are going back to the days when we’d say, ‘Oh, the Russians and Chinese are building so we need to build to,’” said Isaacs.

“There’s also no connection between Russian intervention in Ukraine, Crimea or Chinese expansionism in Asia to the need to build more nuclear weapons. The U.S. has thousands of weapons, and it’s done little to change behavior of our rivals so far,” he said.

Read the full article in International Business Times