New Trump Budget Bolsters Nukes, Cuts Non-Proliferation Programs


President Trump’s budget increases the Pentagon’s budget without accountability, recklessly boosting funds for nuclear weapons while slashing money for non-proliferation programs that work to keep dangerous nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists.


Hazel Correa
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Washington, DC – Experts at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation criticized President Trump’s newly released Fiscal Year 2018 defense budget for increasing the Pentagon budget, recklessly boosting funds for nuclear weapons programs at the expense of programs that keep nuclear weapons and material out of the hands of rogue states and terrorists.

The President’s budget includes a whopping $639 billion for the Pentagon, an increase of nearly $41 billion over last year’s appropriated funding, and $1 billion increase in nuclear weapons spending.

John F. Tierney, a former member of Congress for 18 years and the Center’s Executive Director, commented on the proposed Pentagon funding increase:

“President Trump’s Pentagon funding proposals should be dead on arrival in Congress. The Pentagon is the only federal agency that has never passed a legally mandated audit. Before the Department of Defense gets a massive influx of cash, it needs to address its infamous waste, fraud, and abuse. The Pentagon must prove itself accountable to American taxpayers.”

On nuclear weapons funding, former Congressman Tierney added:

“The drastic increase in nuclear weapons spending is only the beginning. Over the next three decades, the cost to refurbish and maintain our entire nuclear arsenal will likely surpass $1 trillion. Scaling back this plan could save hundreds of billions of dollars, redirecting investment in other national security priorities, while still maintaining our nuclear deterrent.”