Op-ed: New Congress, New Tech, New Approach

Program Assistant Erin Connolly wrote an op-ed for The Hill about the opportunity — and need — for the 116th Congress to address artificial intelligence, particularly as it relates to national security.

As the midterm election dust settles and a new Congress prepares for life on Capitol Hill by hiring staff and awaiting committee assignments, the economy, immigration and healthcare will understandably dominate the list of policy priorities. But Members must make time for national security matters, including emerging challenges like artificial intelligence (AI), before it is too late.

Despite ample warning about the national security implications of emerging technologies, Congress has done little to confront this issue. Broadly defined, AI is a system that performs tasks without significant oversight or can learn from its experience to improve performance. AI development is occurring domestically and internationally, both in government and private sectors. 

Experts continue to express concern over China’s billion-dollar effort to become a global leader in AI by 2030. Russia is also investing, with President Putin claiming that future AI leaders will rule the world. Read more