Letter to Senate Opposing OCO Slush Fund in Budget Resolution

On behalf of the undersigned organizations and our combined memberships, we urge you to oppose the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Resolution conference report scheduled for votes this week. The conference report contains serious fiscal concerns, particularly related to billions of dollars being allocated toward the Pentagon’s war budget for ill-defined purposes.

Experts React to NDAA Passage in the House

“The Rules Committee has refused to allow amendments that could potentially damage the ideological trajectory determined by House leadership and effectively created a guided democracy,” said Executive Director John Isaacs. “The Rules Committee forced Members to weaken amendments, only permitted recorded votes on their ‘winning’ amendments and refused to allow votes on amendments they thought could not be controlled.”

Gen. Gard, Lt. Col. Shaffer Joint Statement on FY15 Defense Budget Request

“Far too much waste, inefficiency, and special interest programming plague the defense budget and drive up costs for the taxpayer. Our country faces serious fiscal and budgetary challenges that must be addressed. If spending more for defense than the next 10 country combined, many of them our allies, is not enough to keep America safe, then something is terribly wrong. Clear opportunities exist to take the politics out of national security spending and ensure that strategic decision makers have a clearer voice in defining priorities.”

Eliminate Slush Funds & Wish Lists

“Fundamentally, this slush fund and wish list are an attempt to exceed the Murray-Ryan budget caps and funnel more money into the Pentagon,” noted Executive Director John Isaacs, a 35-year veteran of Capitol Hill politics and budget fights.