The Trump administration admits there’s no timeline for North Korea to give up its nukes

Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke with Vox about North Korean denuclearization.

“This is yet another instance of Trump administration officials contradicting their colleagues and even themselves,” says Alexandra Bell, a nuclear expert at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

But she also noted that Pompeo’s statement may foreshadow a more realistic understanding of how to wind down North Korea’s nuclear program. “It is good to see Secretary Pompeo accepting the fact that the creation and implementation of a verifiable nuclear deal with North Korea is not a process that will easily lend itself to neat and convenient timelines,” Bell told me. “The amount of time invested is not as important as the results.”

But it’s clear from Pompeo’s statement that the Trump administration doesn’t really know how to proceed from here. That will make a tremendously difficult negotiation even harder.

“Confusion about our goals and expectations will not help us achieve a solid and lasting nuclear deal,” Bell told me. Read more