(Translation): Return of chemical weapons: Molecules of terror

Members of the Science Working Group Gregory Koblentz and John Gilbert spoke with German publication Deutschlandfunk about the dangers of and return of chemical weapons use. From a translated page: 

Gregory Koblentz is a chemical weapons expert from the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation in Washington DC:

“The IS has repeatedly used chemical weapons. Although only a few people died in these attacks, ISIS is also benefiting from the psychological effects of civilian terrorism in Iraq and Syria. ” 

In September 2016 in Iraq, for example, with a mustard gas attack. Koblentz: 
“Even governments like the Russian and North Korean have recognized this particular potential of chemical weapons to spread fear and terror – and they use it for assassinations.”

John Gilbert, chemical weapons expert from the Center for Nonproliferation and Arms Control, Washington DC:

“According to a former Soviet scientist, one of the reasons for Nowitschok’s development was that the starting substances were not on the list of controlled or confiscated substances.”

After the successes of the past, the world is divided today. The question is how to get out of this political valley and reunite the prohibition of chemical weapons. For there are forces at work right now that are ready to break the taboo. John Gilbert: 

“Everyone should think about the danger of complacency in both the nuclear and chemical fields. People need to be aware of the risks of some serious events that could well happen.” Read more