Will Trump and Kim hash out ‘something like the Iran deal’?

Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke with Deutsche Welle about the potential summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Alexandra Bell, senior policy director at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation: If we came out of the summit with something like the Iran deal, that would be both positive and highly ironic. It would be very frustrating to watch, but still preferable to conflict on the peninsula. But it has to be understood that that is months — if not years — away and will be the most complicated nonproliferation agreement ever negotiated in history. It will make the Iran deal look like a cakewalk.

Bell: The worst possible outcome is that the parties walk away disappointed and angry and that we would be back where we were before the Olympics.

Bell: You don’t often get shots like this. It would be a shame if this administration didn’t buckle down and do the requisite work necessary to create at least some sort of positive outcome. This is Trump’s first nuclear rodeo and the stakes are pretty high.

Bell: No country has ever given up a fully functioning nuclear weapons program other than South Africa, and they sort of did it on their own and voluntarily. Read more