The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation distills complex information into easily digestible and succinct factsheets for educational purposes. Below are selected factsheets on topics relating to nuclear weapons, non-proliferation policy, and more.

2016 Legislation

Summary of Senate Version of Fiscal 2016 National Defense Authorization Bill

Nuclear Weapons

The U.S. Nuclear Triad

U.S. Nuclear Arsenal: Costs and Constraints

U.S. Nonstrategic Nuclear Weapons

Is a New Nuclear Cruise Missile Necessary?

Global Nuclear Weapons Inventories in 2015

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Total Inventory

Government, Former Government Officials Agree: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Spending Plans Costly


Nuclear Terrorism: A Clear and Present Danger

Preventing a Dirty Bomb: Why Radiological Security Matters

Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation 

MOX Fuel Program: Current Plans and Controversy 

FY 2017 Budget: Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Defense Nuclear Non-Proliferation Program Restructuring Explained

Defense Budget

FY17 Defense Budget Briefing Book

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: Costs and Challenges 

U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense

Iran Deal

Is there a New Secret Side Deal with Iran?

Iran and the Additional Protocol

Implementation of the Iran Nuclear Deal 

The Iran Deal: Debunking the Myths

Understanding the Iran Deal

Longevity of Major Iran Nuclear Agreement Provisions 

Who Supports the Iran Nuclear Agreement? 

If Congress Says No: The Consequences of a Rejected Agreement with Iran